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Publicación de artículo científico en Revista Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Centro de Documentación IIIA

The world’s population is growing rapidly and the number of elderly people with undernutrition and malnutrition is increasing. Common health problems among seniors are cardiovascular, inflammatory, gastrointestinal, and cognitive disorders, cancer, diabetes, psychological and dental problems. The food industry is trying to meet the demands of an aging society, but these efforts are not sufficient. New strategies are needed, and they demand foods development with modified textures that are easy to swallow, such as gels suitable for seniors. Depending on the specific needs of the elderly, bioactive compounds with health benefits should be included in food systems.
Novel foods may play an important role in the prevention, maintenance, and treatment of age-related diseases. One of the most studied bioactive compound is β-glucan, a polysaccharide with approved health claims confirmed by clinical trials, such as “β-glucan contributes to the  maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels” and “the consumption of β-glucan from oats or barley contributes to the reduction of postprandial glucose spikes.” In this review, the health benefits, and technological properties of β-glucan for the development of senior-friendly ready-toswallow gels were described. In addition, some patents and studies conducted in connection with the development of the gel systems were collected.

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